Eastern Naga People’s body to hold crucial meet over separate state demand

Eastern Naga People’s body to hold crucial meet over separate state demand

Last month, the apex body of the Eastern Nagas had decided to demand the resignation of its 20 MLAs if the Government of India pays no heed to its demand.

Mon: As the interest for “Wilderness Nagaland” by the Eastern Naga Individuals’ Association (ENPO) reverberations, the summit body of the locale is set to hold a urgent gathering with its chosen delegates, ancestral bodies, and unifying units at the Konyak Association office in Mon on Wednesday.

ENPO President Tsapikiu Sangtam educated EastMojo that the primary plan regarding the gathering is as to their interest for a different state.

Last month, the pinnacle body of the Eastern Nagas had chosen to request the renunciation of its 20 MLAs in the event that the Public authority of India didn’t observe its interest.

It had likewise reaffirmed its August 26, 2022, goal where it embraced a goal of ‘not participating in any political race cycle of the focal and state goernment until and except if a different statehood is conceded by the Public authority of India, as requested by individuals of Eastern Nagaland under the aegis of ENPO’.

It expressed that with no early reaction from the Focal government towards its interest for isolated statehood, the interest for the abdication of 20 administrators addressing Eastern Nagas at the Nagaland Authoritative Gathering (NLA) will be made alongside the renunciation of all ideological group laborers, both at the focal and provincial level.

Seven ancestral bodies, including the Chang Khulei Setshang (CKS), Khiamniungan Ancestral Chamber (KTC), Konyak Association (KU), Phom Individuals’ Board (PPC), Joined Sangtam Likhum Pumji (USLP), Tikhir Ancestral Gathering (TTC) and Yimkhiung Ancestral Committee (YTC), had embraced the goal.

It had likewise embraced a goal to go without partaking in the yearly Hornbill Celebration at Kisama, Kohima, from this year onwards because of the difficulties looked by the members.



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