Kuki militant fired bombarded and rained bullets in Moirang

Kuki militant fired bombarded and rained bullets in Moirang

There is no respite in the offensives against Meitei civilians as Kuki militants bombarded and rained bullets on the western side of Thamnapokpi and Naranseina under Moirang police station in the intervening night of January 31 and February 1 .

The attack of Kuki militants began at around 11 pm and lasted about 45 minutes.

It is reported that the Kuki militants launched the offensive from their bunkers set up at Harmontlang and Heijanglok near Khoirentak Khul in Churachandpur.

No one was injured in the attack.

One of the bombs fired by the Kuki militants exploded at the cemetery near the gate of 2nd IRB camp which is situated on the western side of Thamnapokpi and Naranseina.

It is further reported that the Central security forces deployed in the area didn’t retaliate nor allowed the village volunteers to engage in a firefight.

A heated argument broke out between the womenfolk of Phubala, Sunusiphai, Naranseina, Thamnapokpi, Ngangkhalawai and Moirang and personnel of Sikh Regiment shortly after the latter asked the Meitei village volunteers to vacate the area and entrust the responsibility to face the Kuki militants to them.

The village volunteers and womenfolk asked why only they were chased away and not a single round was fired at the Kuki militants.

Speaking to the media, the locals said that they are displeased at how the Central forces responded to the attack.

They said that the Central forces didn’t do anything to stop the attack other than stopping them (the Meitei village volunteers) to face the Kuki militants.

Saying that Kuki militants might have been targeting the 2nd IRB camp in their area, the locals expressed desire for the Central forces to be impartial if they are here to protect lives and properties.



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