Kuki militants clash with Manipur police, four commandos injured

Kuki militants clash with Manipur police, four commandos injured

Guwahati: The tranquillity of Moreh, perched along Manipur’s border, was shattered by a sustained and escalating confrontation between Manipur Police and suspected militants, spanning from daytime ambushes to a midnight Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) attack. 

The clash resulted in injuries to four police commandos, in addition to the earlier incident where one personnel sustained a splinter injury on his legs during the daytime assault on Saturday (December 30).

The initial aggression emerged during the day when a series of ambushes targeted specialized commandos stationed in Moreh, near Key Location Point (KLP) of the Assam Rifles, resulting in one commando sustaining injuries and setting the stage for a prolonged standoff.

At approximately 11:40 pm, the situation intensified as the suspected militants deployed RPGs, unleashing a relentless barrage of continuous fire directed at the police stationed in Moreh. This prolonged exchange of gunfire continued through the night, causing turmoil in the area and unsettling its tranquillity.

The militants specifically targeted the barracks housing the special police commandos, leading to injuries suffered by four commandos, who were caught off-guard while resting in their quarters. The force of the RPG blast not only inflicted physical harm but also resulted in one commando experiencing hearing impairment due to the explosion’s impact.



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