10 Kuki MLAs issue press statement seeking separate admin

10 Kuki MLAs issue press statement seeking separate admin

Manipur: Following the violence that has paralysed the state for the past week, ten Kuki MLAs issued a declaration calling for separate administration. This action could have significant effects on Manipur.

The MLAs, which include Nemcha Kipgen, Chinlunthang, Letpao Haokip, LM Khaute and Paolenlial Haokip among others, said: “The unabated violence that began on 3rd May 2023 in Manipur perpetrated by Majority Meiteis tacitly supported by existing Government of Manipur against Chin-Kuki-Mizo hill tribals has already partitioned the state and effected a total separation from the state of Manipur.”

The list of signatories also included the name of MLA Vungzagin Valte from the Thanlon constituency in the Pherzawl district, who was critically injured after being attacked by a mob on Thursday afternoon as he was leaving the chief minister’s secretariat.

“Our people can no longer exist under Manipur as the hatred against ow tribal communally reached such a height that MLAs, ministers, pastors, police and civil officers, laymen women and even children were not spared, not to mention the destruction of places of worship, homes and properties. To live amidst the Meitei is as good as death for our people,” the statement said,

“Therefore, as elected representatives of our people we today represent the sentiments of our people and endorse their political aspiration of separation from the state of Manipur. We have also decided to hold a political consultation with our people..the earliest regarding further steps to be taken by us as a people,” the statement said.

“As the Slate of Manipur has miserably failed to protect us, we seek of the Union of India a SEPARATE ADMINISTRATION under the Constitution of India and live peacefully as neighbours with the state of Manipur,” they added.



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