Assam: ULFA-I denied false news of Cadre taking Shelter in Pengree 

Assam: ULFA-I denied false news of Cadre taking Shelter in Pengree 

Guwahati: After the experience that was accounted for in Tinsukia’s Pengeree between the ULFA-I and the security powers, the prohibited outfit in an explanation guaranteed that none of their frameworks was in the space when the episode occurred.

On Wednesday morning, one individual who the police distinguished as a linkman was purportedly harmed in an experience between the security powers and thought ULFA-I.

The harmed individual has been distinguished as Amit Mukhiya.

The episode occurred at around 4.50 am the point at which the security powers entered the wilderness region to catch the ULFA-I frameworks.

Tinsukia SP Abhijit Gaurav Dilip said, “We went to the wilderness area of Pengree to grab the assailants who were concealing around there. They terminated at the police group and in reprisal, the security powers terminated at them. A ULFA-I linkman, who went with the police group to the spot was harmed during the terminating. He was shot in the leg however presently he is out of risk.”

In any case, the ULFA-I in a proclamation shipped off media houses expressed that there were no frameworks of the outfit present nearby.

The assertion sent by SS Skipper Rumel Asom blamed the police and the security powers were attempting to conceal realities about the episode. In any case, the ULFA-I did too didn’t explain assuming that the adolescent harmed in the terminating had any connections with them.

An examination by the police is still on.



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