CONDOLENCE. Press Release | PR No.23014 Date: 2023-12-07

CONDOLENCE. Press Release | PR No.23014 Date: 2023-12-07

The Thirteen Brave Patriots, martyr their lives in the hands of the Indian security force and their waged mercenaries Kuki’s, between Leithao and Moltham village of Tengnoupal district on Monday, the 4th of December 2023 around 9.30 in the morning while they were in their way to join PLA and trained as a bounden responsibility member of the RPF.

1. Konjengbam Meghabanta Meetei (47), apokpa K. Bimolchandra, Sagolband Nepra Menjor,

2. Ningthoujam Tomba Meetei (24)apokpa N. Shyam, Kumbi Salam Konjil Part – 2,

3. Oinam Loken Meetei (43) apokpa leikhidraba O. Shyamkeshor Meetei,Sagolband Nepra Menjor Leikai,

4. Thingam Rocky Meetei (25), Apopka Th. Tomba, Torbung Bazar Mamang Leikai,

5. Chingakham Nethei @ Roshan Meetei (17), apokpa Ch. Surchandra, Andro Tarungthel,

6. Phanjoubam Noren @ Leibakngakpa Meetei (17) apokpa Ph. Dhanachandra, Andro Tarungthel,

7. Mayengbam Rosan Meetei (25), apokpa M. Thoiba,Wangbal Lamboithong,

8. Moirangthem Kingson Meetei (39), apokpa M. King Kong, Khurai Puthiba Leikai,

9. Chongtham Lamdainganba @ Chingu @ Ibungo Meetei (23), apokpa Ch. Manihar Meetei,Sabungkhok Khunou Awang Leikai,

10. Sougaijam Krisnakanta Meetei(20), apokpa S. Surchan Meetei,Kakching Turel Wangma Ningthem Pareng Leikai,

11. Meisnam Sanajaoba (22) apokpa M. Shyamkanhai Meetei, Yairipok Kak Mayai Leikai,

12. Pheiroijam Malemganba(18) apokpa Ph. Manglem, Irengban Hawailou Laimaya,

13. Laishram Arun @ Sanathoi (17), apokpa L. Ibohal,Khoidum Makha Leikai,

RPF expresses its revolutionary condolence over the Thirteen comrades on their martyrdom for their motherland. The Thirteen martyrs who initially came out as village volunteers and fought for ethnic conflict architect by India in Manipur have joined the PLA after refusing the communal policies of the Indian state and convinced that Manipur can never exist in peace and harmony unless Manipur restores its sovereignty.

Unarmed Thirteen patriots who came to join the liberation movement of Manipur were mercilessly killed after they were apprehended and tortured by the collusion of Indian security forces and their mercenaries Kuki’s who were allegedly supported with money, logistics was not an act of humans, it was one of the highest forms of terrorism and RPF being a signatory and abided by the common Article 3 of 1949 Geneva Convention and Additional Protocols as signed in 1997 in Geneva who still follow those guidelines has condemn ad taken the incident as punishable WAR CRIME according to International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The government of India has been using Kuki Mercenary in waging Proxy war against those rebel groups who refused to hold dialogue with them. In the 1980s to fight with Naga Independence struggles Kuki Boys Commando was created. As a result, there was a big conflict between Kuki and Naga in 1993. And established Kuki organization to demand the Kuki homeland. Due to this, clashes between Kuki-Naga, Kuki-Paite, and Kuki-Hmar had occurred. Now, the clash between Kuki and the Meetei community is going on. People around the world ought to condemn such an Indian proxy war including those groups involved in it. And, a petition should be filed to punish by the International Criminal Court.

Even though India treated the Leithao killing as a big success, the whole world knows that India not being able to defeat the Manipur’s Liberation army, instead, they were waging a Proxy War using Kuki mercenaries who did not have their Principle and Discipline. For this reason, India which has been blatantly trying to become a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council has been put into disgrace in front of the whole world and their dream of becoming a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council would leave unfulfilled.

Colonial Delhi will not gesture to see the people’s tears. We only try to wipe our tears. This time we are shedding our tears with our blood. How long, Mother Manipur has been shedding her tears? Because of this, we said, it is not enough to die 100 times for our beloved Motherland. Colonial India, will not stop taking sides and instigating to unleash a war of genocide and ethnic cleansing in our Motherland. That person who has been challenging and fighting courageously for the freedom of the Motherland in this critical juncture is the real son of the soil.

The boundary of Manipur was drawn by the blood of our forefathers which has been trying to be erased by India and their conspirator has re-drawn by their blood with all the qualities of fighting and sacrificing for Motherland. Boundaries drawn with blood should be re-drawn by blood again. Colonial India and their loyal followers should remember that several silent youngsters understand this reality.

Colonial India has never stopped trying to fragment Manipur into pieces. Lands were distributed between the communities. They are trying to eradicate the whole nation by letting the community fight each other. They knew they would face the consequences of justice from the international communities if they killed us, out of this fear they are now counting the number of dead bodies by letting us kill among our communities. This is the nature of colonial India’s Chanakya politics but our continuous resistance cannot complete their takeover. The struggle is made possible by the support of the masses.

RPF is indebted to those mothers who allow and encourage their precious children to fight for the Motherland. The battle of Khongjom in 1891 was against the British. Today’s mother is like the mother of Sengoisana who sent their child to the battlefield of that time. We should never forget the teaching of our mothers that the war of liberation must be fought together. Getting ready to face the war collectively. Must try effortlessly without any stoppage. This is what we call the war of the people. And remember the coffins of the egoistic US soldiers had to carry back to New York during the Vietnamese war. Likewise, many coffins surely fly back again to Delhi this time. The present war in Manipur is the war of the people. Those people of Manipur who are not communal and understand the proxy war of India never undertook any offensive step against any community other than defending themselves and know what not to be done also. Even if the civilian were captured, they were handed over to their people safely. However, the new Thirteen comrades of RPF who were unarmed and not involved in the communal violence were killed after being apprehended.

RPF will continue to fight for the liberation movement with the people of Manipur. Will fight without any stoppage. It is quite natural for the movement to get ups and downs but it is the commitment of the people to face war constantly, who are deeply rooted in the idea of Liberation. It is not a time to blame each other and if it does not stop, who would wipe the tears of the Mother Manipur? RPF has learned from the nine surrounding hills of the beloved Mother who has never changed her firm decision; perseverance and selflessness given by Loktak Lake; like the streams of the river that flow in different directions that merge at the larger end, we also never forget the image of our integrity.

The cost of the bloodshed sacrificed for our Motherland by our martyrs will never go in vain. RPF knows the tears that dropped down from the eyes of our Mother, will never let them easily disappear. Seeing the tears of our Mother, the feeling of safeguarding the Motherland is more intensive and gives more strength and courage. This should be treated as our medicine to encounter the enemy. There will come a day that puts a smile on your face with tears in your eyes.

People are not afraid to die for the movement of our national liberation. How many people and our liberation army can be killed by the Indian army? Do they remain mortal? The Indian military is meant to earn their wages. But we are struggling to break the slavery chain of our Mother. We will never stop fighting until we regain our lost sovereignty. That is why our comrades had gone for our tomorrow. In the ups and downs of the revolutionary movement, our liberation movement with the support of the masses has taken a new direction towards victory. Seeing the attitude and activities of the Indian Government and military forces since the 3rd May 2023, it is learned that India does not love the people of Manipur, to Indianize the Manipur, they are trying to annihilate all the indigenous people, and restore the sovereignty of our land lies in the hands of our people, people have realized that India has never protected our people. Sons and daughters of Manipur who live under the guardianship of their mother have now been sent to the battlefield to sacrifice their lives for the Motherland. In this stage of hardship and struggle of our Mother, how long shall we wait for the liberation movement without reaching the destination? The role of India is to take a side and favor one community to another of this land to annihilate Manipur, uniting the people to defeat their conspiracy as long as the blood that runs through our veins is the commitment for the RPF. All the 13 comrades are sincere persons; well-disciplined, love their Motherland, people, and party honestly and they are audacious persons who wanted to live independently. The condolence ceremonies have been performed over the martyrdom of the Thirteen patriots at the party’s Units, Departments, and Stations. RPF and its armies of PLA also share the pain of families, relatives, and friends of deceased comrades.

(Roben Khuman)

Deputy Secretary, Publicity

Revolutionary People’s Front.



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