ENPO and ENLU meeting in Tuensang amid ongoing bandh

ENPO and ENLU meeting in Tuensang amid ongoing bandh

The important ENPO-ENLU meeting in Tuensang, attended by 20 MLAs from East Nagaland, is underway. The assembly aims to address the rising concerns about the status of the frontier territory and focus on unity, freedom, and the collective voice of the people.

The high-stakes ENPO-ENLU meet is currently underway in Tuensang, with significant representation from East Nagaland with 20 MLAs in attendance. This assembly follows escalating concerns over the frontier territory status and aims to address pressing issues facing the region, emphasizing unity, liberty, and the collective voice of the people.

Under the ENPO banner, this gathering signifies a pivotal moment in Eastern Nagaland’s quest for representation and empowerment. Scheduled to commence at 10:00 A.M. at the CKS Hall, the event is moderated by Reverend Achu, Executive Secretary of CBLT, who leads a prayer for unity and guidance.

The meeting’s agenda is comprehensive, covering various topics vital to Eastern Nagaland’s interests. Key highlights include a Presidential Address by R. Tsapikiu Sangtam, President of ENPO, agenda setting for focused discussions, adoption of public resolutions, and invocation prayer and benediction by Reverend Yimto, Pastor of YBC Tuensang.

This meeting’s significance lies in its inclusive approach, with a wide array of stakeholders invited to participate, including members of ENLU, former Presidents of ENPO, tribal organizations, frontal organizations, and federating units.

Earlier on March 19, the ENPO and its frontal organizations resolved to suspend the restrictions of the ‘Public Emergency’ in Eastern Nagaland region during a joint coordination meeting held at Tuensang Headquarters. This decision followed the failure of the Government of India to address the creation of Frontier Nagaland Territory despite previous assurances.

The meeting passed three resolutions, including upholding the February 23, 2024, Chenmoho village resolution, writing a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs, and convening another Public Meeting along with all 20 ENLU members within a week’s time at Tuensang HQ.



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