Konyak Union warns government of “crucial steps” 

Konyak Union warns government of “crucial steps” 

Indeed, even following a year, the battle for equity for the people in question and their families in the renowned Oting episode of Nagaland is still on.

Outstandingly, the Konyak Association and the ENPO (Eastern Nagaland Individuals’ Association) are still ahead in chasing after equity over the occurrence.

Leader of Konyak Association, Tingthok Konyak said in an explanation that the KU and ENPO (Eastern Nagaland Individuals’ Association) won’t surrender their mission for equity.

The president said they are despondent about the deferring equity. Further, that’s what he cautioned “assuming the Focal Administration of India and High Court of India neglected to answer our interest for Equity, ENPO and KU will make the significant strides”.

Further, the Konyak Association said that the interest to the public authority of India was to eliminate APSFA and Assam Rifles from the Konyak soil however nothing has been finished till now.

It is to be referenced here that despite the fact that APSFA was eliminated from different areas of Nagaland, the demonstration actually wins in the Mon region of the state.

On December 4 and 5, 2021 soldiers from the Military’s world class 21 Para SF unit terminated on Oting townspeople on a truck confusing them with extremists.

In the mean time, a SIT comprised to test the terminating occurrence that guaranteed 14 honest lives, including an Indian Armed force faculty, has requested occupants from Oting to report data from the essential source or any slight bit of data relating to the accident.



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