PLA AND MNPF ATTACK COLONIALIST INDIAN ARMY. Recently ninth March 2022 morning at 7 AM, a group of PLA and MNPF working closely together had gone after the Indian Terrorist Army (4 AR) who had utilized Draconian Law (AFSPA) and protected the Colonial expansionist station close to Khongtal town at Chandel region. The Colonialist Indian armed force had experienced numerous misfortunes including brunt their garisson huts, camp, and some more.

The Colonialist Indian armed force had experienced numerous setbacks at the main strike. Colonialist Indian armed force had more in numbers and got the opportunity to resign far away in their tunnels sustained places, so PLA and MNPF officers had removed back to camp with practically no misfortunes.

Those colonialist Indian Armies who become divorce settlement of the colonialist Indian pioneers who are voracious of the land, expansionism disapproved of the limit are scared and need to conceal in their tunnels to stay away from to have a contention where Liberation warriors are there. Assault with undeniable and unusual guerilla strategies of Liberation Army’s make them alarm and tentatively enduring constantly has been known to all.

How do Kangleicha’s who had been there freely for millennia would bowed to those purported India that British had ordered with many dispersed countries and those colonialist Indians who had concentrated on British pilgrim training had consistently conveying another provincial framework that we won’t ever acknowledge. The Kanglei public will battle continually to reestablish the Independent that we were previously. Carrying on a Liberation War by involving each potential means for the people who were free and presently colonize nationhood is concurred by United Nation and International Community.

The huge quantities of thoroughly prepared armed force faculty who played a significant job in stifling the opportunity of Manipur by holding the draconian regulation (AFSPA), shows their “defeatist act” by withdrawing and taking shelter, the assertion said, adding that the frameworks of PLA and MNPF withdrew securely.

“Manipur has been an autonomous country for a long time. Then again, India is only a nation made by blending different regions by the British,” it said, adding individuals of Manipur won’t ever acknowledge the extension of Indian frontier rule which is a duplicate of the then British sovereign. “Won’t ever show homage Indian provincial rule,” it added.

The PLA and MNPF with the backing of individuals of Manipur will keep on taking up arms against the Union of India until the interest of a sovereign Manipur is satisfied, it referenced.



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