SOREPA believes that no liberation movement can exist and move forward without laying its foundation on a true revolutionary doctrine. It is also a fact that our liberation struggle was inspired and has been nurtured by our love for our land and a strong commitment to our people and history. But, love and commitment alone do not suffice the demands of a dynamic liberation movement. It is of utmost importance to understand that a revolution compulsorily requires to be guided and guarded by a political thought rooted in the historical, cultural, and economic realities of the soil it aims to liberate. Our movement should have a historic and scientific outlook on the cultural ethos and political realities of the land we are fighting for and our approach should be systematic and objective. Keeping this in view, we form a new party Socialist Revolutionary Party(SOREPA), Kangleipak with the sole objective of unifying all the ethnic groups of the soil and marching ahead to achieve our goal as one and united force. There may come colonial repressions and financial crunches as stumbling blocks on our way forward but we should not allow them to diminish our determination and deter our path. The present disheartening scenario of our collective freedom movement forcing an existential threat is the lone factor which has prompted us to the formation of the party. We have a firm conviction in the philosophy of Marxism, Leninism, and Maoism with the necessary scientific temperament and approach. The We/tanschauung and cognitive philosophy i.e. the world view of the Kanglei/Manipuri
sovereign is based on the material foundation of human evolutionary theory. By adopting the modern-day scientific philosophy of socialism we do not mean to leave out the basic foundation of Kanglei/Manipuri social engineering through the ages. SOREPA stands for the identity of all the WESEA and Kanglei/Manipuri nationalities which co-exist through the ages of civilization. We stand to bring socialism which has the total Kanglei/Manipuri characteristics. We solemnly seek support and suggestions from all sections of our society in our fight for our tomorrow. We stand firmly assured that the birth of SOREPA is in no way contradictory to the cause and mission of any other revolutionary party. Rather we shall ever remain grateful to our former party for having guided us so long in our pursuit of the common goal. SOREPA shall ever remain respectful to our revolutionary brothers of the former party. We stand to always maintain a good and cordial relationship between us as required between the co-parties fighting for the same and common cause. What we are witnessing today is the gradual degeneration of our war of independence into a war of dependence. The rhetoric leaders resorting to amassing wealth through foul practices are eroding our movement from within. It is high time that we remind and recommits ourselves to our promised revolutionary doctrines without further delay. We have to revisit and revive our political, cultural, and traditional values which have deteriorated for a long under the colonial rule of aggressive India. Decolonization of our minds from all these alien impositions is a priority for us. The hydra-headed Indian capitalism has already captured and
controlled our markets and the capital-induced post-modernist culture has beaten deep into the indigenous fabric of our culture and life. It is becoming more and more difficult to resist and undo all these colonial misdoings. The longer we delay our reckoning with this prevalent reality, the greater the danger we risk for our survival. Our society’s so-called political leaders and legislators today are mostly either contractors or masked social workers whose sole objective is to loot and plunder the people. In reality, they are the direct compradors of Indian colonialists. As a result, the common people find themselves helplessly squeezed between the colonial suppression and misdeeds of the colonial stooges in the guise of leaders. Among our civil leaders, some few persons believed to bring social change through electoral politics. These few leaders wrongly believed that using the Indian constitutional reforms can establish a sovereign classless society. They lacked a critical analysis of Indian colonial expansionism which spread through their liberal democratic constitutionalism. For a revolutionary party fighting against the colonial occupation, resorting to the electoral system of the very colonial masters is nothing but rampant sabotage of the movement and surrender to the enemy force. It is universally agreed that reformism is only a means, not an end in the journey of a liberation movement. In the history of social revolution throughout the world, we found out that within the revolutionary movement we can carefully use reformism to some extent to bring consciousness among the oppressed peoples. But if we do not critically analyze the right situation to apply the reformists’ path, it will make doomed our basic struggle. We must critically analyze how the left- reformist movement in German was becoming a great failure and an unscientific approach to the socialist movement in the 1920s. In the early seventies, we had witnessed historical blunders committed by some members of an emerging democratic revolutionary group opting for Indian electoral politics against the revolutionary principle and consequently expelled from the party. They ended up finding themselves totally disillusioned and disguised from their goal. We should not make such things repeat again. It is quite natural that there may come many ups and downs in the journey of a revolution but these are all part and parcel which we are bounden to face and overcome. Starting from 21st Sept. 1949 till date, the long history of our liberation movement against the Indian occupation for over 70 years has experienced many of our members playing powers in the hands of the colonial masters either knowingly or unknowingly. We have also witnessed parties breaking up into fractions at war against one another. These are all unfortunate and unwanted facts of our liberation struggle’s journey. The question is- ‘should we fool ourselves twice, thrice, or how many times? Fighting within and ourselves will only cripple us more and more till we get totally amputated. We know that there are neo-colonial state-sponsored organizations like RSS, and Arya Samaj, especially their umbrella organization Sangha Parivar, acting as colonial agents for the spread of Hindu imperialism in the Western South East Asia(WESEA) and South Asian countries. Besides using Hindu neo-colonial machinery and institutions, they deploy the tools of cultural adulteration to completely erode the indigenous texture of our land and people from within. It is in continuation from 1709 when King Pamheiba adopts the Ramandi cult of Hinduism and his method to baptize the whole Kanglei/Manipuri population into the culture of Indo-Aryan social ethos. The core of Indian imperialism and neo-colonialism is wilfully and unethically based on the spiritual doctrine of Hinduism which is a total contradiction to the way of life of the indigenous people of WESEA. The idea of India which is insisted on and propagated by the ‘Indian Deep State’ is totally based on the Chanakyan Hindu political philosophy which is a Hindu version of Machiavellian political doctrine. The vertical classification of Kanglei/Manipuri society which is based on Hindu Casteism and the horizontal economic classification of the have and have-nots exist together within our socio-cultural fabrics. We need to emancipate from the Hindu spiritual colonialism and political colony both. Therefore, the fight lying before us is multi-pronged which is certainly a serious sincere and committed, and united fight against all the occupational forces to rightfully reclaim our sovereignty and self-rule. By having experienced all the political and social movements for bringing a revolutionary change in our WESEA, particularly Kangleipak/Manipur, SOREPA firmly determined that our revolutionary path should be based on scientific socialism with Kanglei/Manipuri characteristics. Our basic social ethos is based on production. If we analyzed the inner conceptualization of Lai Haraoba(Indigenous Festival of Human Evolution), we can easily find out that our Kanglei/Manipuri social engineering is totally based on production, reproduction, and its subsequent development into tradition- making i.e. formation of national identity through the economic superstructure. The socio-political system of Kangleipak/Manipur is based on the confederal polity. Through the ages, in our social system, each and every ethnic group respect each other’s freedom. Confederalism and traditional socialism existed in our society since time immemorial. To build up a materialistic concept of our history we need to understand the constitutional history of our land. According to Cheitharol Kumbaba, our recorded history from 33AD, King Naophangba reigned between 428 — 518 A.D. and ruled our land by divisioning the duties of the state subjects, based on a convention, who resided together within our land. By 1100 AD King Loyumba who administered Kangleipak/Manipur between 1074 — 1122 AD, converts this convention into a written constitution popularly known as Loyumba Shinyen (in actuality this constitution preceded the Magna Carta, the Royal Charter of England of 1215 AD). Even after we were defeated at the hands of the British in 1891, the socio-cultural and customary laws goes on under this confederal system. Constitutional confederalism is the socio-political and cultural foundation of Kangleipak/Manipur. Even after India forcibly annexed our land in 1949, that social core of confederalism still exists by convention. Mera Houchongba, the annual get-together festival of ethnic people of Kangleipak/Manipur is a living example of this socio-cultural confederalism. After a critical analysis of the historical dialectics of our land and the present-day political contradictions, we conclude that the most suitable form of the socio-political system must be based on federal socialism. And, after analyzing all the socio-political underpinnings of the roots of our Kangleipak/Manipur, SOREPA firmly believes that our revolutionary struggle for the restoration of lost sovereignty must be guided by scientific socialism which is based on the concept of ‘Socialism
with Kanglei/Manipuri characteristics – Based on the backdrop of the above few lines, we founded the Socialist Revolutionary Party, Kangleipak (SOREPA) on 1st October 2021 with a firm determination to march forward to liberate the oppressed nations and people of WESEA including Kangleipak/Manipur from the illegal force occupation by neo-colonial India.

On 27 April 2022, a Special Party Congress elected a Central Committee of the Party led by Toijam [bochouba and K.Korou as the Chairman and General Secretary respectively. This CC will take charge until the next Party Congress.

Central Committee:

  1. Toijam Ibochouba Chairman
  2. K. Korou General Secretary
  3. Chingyang Military Affairs Secretary
  4. Angou Khuman Finance Secretary
  5. Lamngakpa Meitei Cultural Secretary
  6. M.C. Yaiphabi Organization and Publicity Secretary
  7. Kh. Nongyin Associate Member, Military Affairs
  8. L. Araba Associate Member, Finance

Victory to Revolution.
Unite All the Workers and Peasants.
Unite All the Oppressed Peoples of WESEA.

Department of Publicity Kangla. 27″ April 2022
Central Committee

Socialist Revolutionary Party(SOREPA), Kangleipak.



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